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 by Josh Howe

Stephanie is super fun to learn from. She has a great personality to go along with very personalized and professional instruction. I asked for very specific help on a few techniques and she was full of advice and great instruction and seemed to genuinely care how I was receiving and implementing her guidance. Very caring and very knowledgeable instructor. HIGHLY recommended!

 by kourken

Stephanie has a great gift and passion for helping singers get out of their own way! I'm an experienced singer and can tell you I've never had a more dedicated, caring, and knowledgable coach, and it's only my first lesson with her. I echo what all the other students have been saying. She's really skilled at dissecting and knowing what needs to be adjusted technically, and then being able to help you to easily understand it and apply it to your singing. I sang 4-5 notes in my head voice that I've never sung before. Truly excited and grateful to continue working with her. She is a blessing!!

 by Shane

Stephanie has been fantastic at quickly assessing and offering solutions to the aspects of my singing that need the most improvement; and, I've already started to see such improvement after only a month! The exercises she gives are also extremely helpful, and the lessons balance being constructive and empowering. Definitely recommend!

 by Jennifer

My daughter has taken both singing and piano lessons with Stephanie and has done so both in person and online. I have been absolutely thrilled with the true music appreciation being cultivated in her lessons. She has become more confident in general regarding the concept of learning new things and is really taking pride in sharing her new music skills. I also appreciate the open dialogue Stephanie and I have as we discuss the best ways to support my daughter’s growth. I couldn’t recommend Stephanie highly enough.

 by Gabriel Lund

Stephanie is a PRO. She knows exactly what she's doing and she's great at explaining HOW to sing. She's both fast-paced and thorough, making sure you understand how to use your voice to hit the right notes while also making it your own. I've tried 3 or 4 singing teachers before I found Stephanie and she's really helped me improve the most. Would highly recommend.

 by Seth

Stephanie is very energetic and engaged. Patient and always had creative ways to help work through whatever I’ve been struggling with! Highly recommend.

 by Joe

Stephanie is very down-to-earth and engaging!

 by Sean

I am a beginner have worked with Stephanie for 3 lessons but already i have learned how to breathe and exhale properly while singing, begun head voice vs chest voice mixing the throat positioning and techniques to sing vowels and consonants. She is friendly and understanding of me and encourages me to try the right techniques.

 by Tommy

I’ve had 4 months of vocal training before starting with Stephanie. The way she explains the fundamentals is excellent. My upper range improved immensely after just a few lessons with her. She helps show you exactly where to improve AND how to do it. Most importantly, she’s genuinely excited to see her students improving. She’s the real deal, I browsed dozens of teachers on here looking through their reviews to see who was a legitimate teacher that knows what they’re doing. Stephanie knows how to improve your voice.

 by Gianni

Super engaging, very skilled and good at communicating. Appreciate the good vibes

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