In person and Online voice Lessons

You will learn about proper vocal technique, vocal health, & artistic interpretation and performance. A broad range of styles are taught from musical theater, pop, blues, Jazz, rock, Latin styles, R&B and classical.Lessons focus on a variety of technical factors including Relaxation techniques, developing proprioception/interoception, as well as an emotional and energetic awareness, for a better interpretation of songs and optimal vocal quality. 

Her primary focus when teaching are vocal techniques emphasizing control and understanding of the voice.


You’ll learn the components of what makes a good song work. From structure, to chord progressions as well as guidance on lyric writing. 

We also work on exercises for better melody and lyric writing


You will learn how to read music notation and will apply it to playing songs. If desired, more advanced contemporary music theory can be taught, to be able to play chord progressions, as well as read and write music for songwriting purposes.

 Voice Coaching

Our sessions would focus on the objectives you have concerns over in terms of vocal control. I will address vocal health, fundamentals of the vocal tract and anatomical areas of the voice (i.e. diaphragmatic breathing, placement of the voice, register use for projection and tone) for optimal consistent vocal tone and enunciation. We will work on intonation , pacing, & and dynamics for effective communication as well as appropriate decibel levels of vocal projection in speech. You will be assigned daily exercises that will improve breathing, posture for presentation & efficiency, releasing muscle tension in areas of the vocal tract that affect articulation, projection and tone control. We will also go over proprioception/interoception, as well as emotional and energetic awareness, for a better vocal delivery under stress-inducing circumstances with specifically tailored exercises.