Dear students & parents, 

I am writing to you all in regards to the recent spread of the corona virus. I´m taking this matter very seriously in order to protect the well being of you, myself, and those around us.  The CDC has given us important guidelines to live by for the foreseeable future: no groups over 10, social distancing, and disinfecting.  I am thankful that our 1 on 1 music lessons are inherently low risk but to bring that low risk down to almost 0 risk there are a few actions we need to implement. 

If you or your daughter/son has been sick, please do provide the 24 hour cancellation notice even if it is just a sniffle or sore throat they’ve had for several days. If you wake up the morning of your lesson sick, and have to give me a late notice, the 24 hour cancellation policy will be waved and a makeup will be granted (like a cancellation with prior notice). This does NOT apply for late cancellations for anyone who has been sick all week and just decides to let me know last minute.

This time of pandemic can be both sad and depressing and I believe music, singing, and piano lessons can maintain a degree of joy and happiness that may be otherwise completely lacking during this time. You can continue lessons with zero (0) risk of corona virus if you would like to switch your lessons to online.  Just let me know.  Any student that does decide to continue to want to take lessons in person rather than online please let me know. If you do continue in person there are a few simple actions we can do to achieve almost zero (0) risk.

1) remove shoes when entering the premises. 

2) we will both wash our hands and any person accompanying you before beginning your lesson and use a paper napkin instead of a towel to dry your hands.

3) we must remain the 4-6 feet apart as much as possible.

4) please bring your own water bottle, if you desire something to drink during the lesson.

5) for piano students I will disinfect the keyboard after every class and it will be wiped down in front of you before beginning the lesson.  Please please refrain from touching anything that you don’t NEED to touch during the lesson. 

6) I will have some latex gloves by the end of the week for anyone to use during the lesson and dispose of if you desire to use one.As I mentioned, with these actions we can still safely continue doing what we really enjoy doing without risk of the corona virus. 

Many of you know that around this month I start looking at venues to rent out, get numbers and start collecting the cash portions from each student who wants to take part in the June recital… but at this time I will have to postpone this event, since it does go against having any groups larger than 10 or more. I’m very saddened by this, but we must abide by these regulations.  But don’t stop practicing! While many of the activities that we do daily are no longer possible due to the outbreak, we can thankfully continue both online and one-on-one music classes without risking getting sick.  I know it seems pretty extreme but I do believe, if we want to keep a little cheer in our lives using music we can continue to do so with just a few minor adjustments.  I thank you for your cooperation and hope you all will continue your lessons so that we can have the best and most successful Recital as soon as it is possible.

Only but the best of wishes to you all!